Што да пробате?

Македонската кујна е единствена во својата мешавина од разни култури. Се базира на Балкански начин на исхрана (главно се користи месо и зелечнук), но со Медитеранско и помалку ориентално влијание. Подолу може да најдете некои од традиционалните специјалитети од Македонија кои би го заскокоткале сечие непце.


Kebapi, similar to what we all know and love as sausages, are grilled minced meat composed into the shape of a sausage. Onions, vegeta (which is a very popular mixture of Macedonian herbs) and paprika are what give this dish its savoury flavour. Kebapi are usually served with freshly baked flatbread and kajmak.


Musaka is a layered dish, mainly consisting of sliced potatoes. In between each tender and ooey-gooey layer lies a bed full of eggplant, onion, ground meat and an assortment of veggies. The top layer is usually finished with a beautiful egg-yolk glaze, giving it a wonderfully golden colour and crispy texture.

Tavce Gravce

Tavce gravce (literally meaning beans cooked in a skillet) is a thick and chunky bean stew that is cooked in the traditional Macedonian earthenware. Tavce gravce has a variety of different spices and vegetables that enhance its flavour, including fresh Macedonian paprika.